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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Customer Service and Beyond Strategy

In the modern-day landscape of the B2B service industry, it is not enough to focus on caring about your customer. You must also care about your customer’s customer. This is a fundamental core principle at CallMyList and one of the key attributes of its rapid success. Can I just talk to a human being? We’ve

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Five Benefits of CallMyList Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is one of the most powerful forms of mass communications. CallMyList* has a number of great solutions that have proven to be extremely effective for its many customers. If you’re not familiar with voice broadcasting or you are not using it yet, this article highlights five benefits of voice broadcasting that can add

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The CallMyList Website Redesign

CallMyList has always made customer service our number one priority. As technology advances we like to stay current in order to provide our customers with the latest and greatest resources. So, we decided to partner with digital creative agency Brass Born to redesign our customer experience, update our technology and turbocharge our website.   What’s

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