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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Part 1 – Building a Successful Call Campaign

Season ticket sales are one of the best ways to ensure that your team keeps a competitive advantage. Adding CallMyList to the roster of your annual sales cycle is a game-changer! Here are a few, simple steps for building a successful campaign around season ticket sales: Step 1: Set the deadline for season ticket sales

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New Blog Series: How to Win with CallMyList

Starting tomorrow, we are launching a new blog series titled: How to Win Big with CallMyList.  In this series, we’ll be discussing topics, such as: How to build your call campaign How to effectively write the script How to execute your campaign How to track ROI Best practices And much more! Join us for the first

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Automated Calling Campaign Generates 50:1 Return!

This case study outlines our partnership with the Syracuse University Athletic Department.  Syracuse University participates in 20 intercollegiate sports and is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference for all NCAA Division I athletics. Read on to learn how the Athletic department achieved a 50:1 return on their investment with CallMyList in a recent Football

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