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Author Archives: Matt Erich

Call Campaigns Are Perfect for Rent-to-Own!

In the Rent-to-Own industry, we repeatedly hear from our clients that one of the biggest pain points is executing collections calls.  Not only is it a time-consuming task, but it takes important staff off of the sales floor and impacts staff morale.  With automated call campaigns, we can take all of the pain out of

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Making the Penn Relays a Success

We love it when our clients win! We are always thrilled to assist in the success of powerful events such as the Penn Relay Carnival. Every April, the University of Pennsylvania draws crowds of up to 100,000 to Franklin Field for this iconic event.  Here, spectators know they’ll see some of the world’s top track

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Durant and Kerr: Bringing Home the Biggest Win

On Monday, June 12, 2017, personal history was made for Kevin Durant as he won his very first NBA Championship alongside his new Warrior team from Bay Area California.  One of the most fascinating parts of this whole story is that while Durant had already won over 400 games in his 10 years playing NBA

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The Best Teammates Bring the Win!

When building out sports teams, the best teammates are always picked first.  This is seen as early as playground pickup games, we can see it in college recruiting, and all the way up to the professional sports drafts.  Teams want the best teammate to help them WIN.  But what makes a teammate the best is

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Thank you to our Collegiate Partners!

Our success is dependent on the success of our partners.  And some of our favorite partners reside at the Collegiate level.  In the Sports industry, you will rarely see passion, commitment, and loyalty like you do at the Collegiate Athletic level.  And outside of Athletics, the people we work with at our Universities – in a

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Discovering Your Most Valuable Fans

There’s no denying the most essential part of any sports organization are the fans.  Keeping fans and finding more is the basis of any successful sports program, upon which organizational vision, strategy, and budgeting are all built.  Listening to the fans seems like the most reasonable conclusion to identify what keeps fans and what brought

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Trick Play: ROI + Timing

ROI. It sometimes seem like a buzzword.  Anytime you see anything overused, it tends to start losing its punch.  Over the past several years, our LinkedIn timeline has been littered with new articles on the importance of ROI and how it must work for your business to grow.  At its core, the principle of ROI is a solid best practice.  And just so we’re on the same page,

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Automated calling has shown itself to be one of the most strategic and competitive ways for organizations to communicate effectively and efficiently. CallMyList has been at the forefront of this development and continues to see profound client success. Data shows that one of the primary factors providing improvement in automated calling quality has to do with the quality of the source contact

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Why Bristol Motor Speedway Relies on CallMyList

This case study outlines our partnership with the iconic Bristol Motor Speedway.  With the economic climate of the last few years, all entertainment facilities are looking for ways not only sell more tickets, but to communicate with their guests in more effective and efficient manners. That’s why Bristol Motor Speedway partners with CallMyList to reach

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Part 4 – Proven Success in Call Campaigns

Now that we’ve walked through how to use CallMyList to build and launch automated call campaigns, it’s time to look at their proven success. The following data is some of the most exciting information in this blog series. Let’s look at a real campaign by the University of Illinois. In the screenshot below, let’s review

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