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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best day to send marketing call campaigns?

For most clients, the best days to send marketing campaigns are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

What is the best time to send call campaigns?

The best time period to send campaigns are from 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. within the time zone of the call recipient.

When should we offer the press #1 to transfer option?

If you have the staff to support inbound calls, we often recommend using the “press #1 to transfer” option for your call recipients. 

When should we customize the Answering Machine message?

Customizing the answering machine message creates more personalization for your campaigns; as a result, we always recommend this to customers.

Do you have any suggestions on how to create a call script?

Announce who you are and put the most important information at the beginning of the message. You can find sample audio files under the industry tab in your account portal. Also, click here to download a call script document. 

How long should the call be?

Ideally, we recommend keeping calls between 27-32 seconds because the average person’s attention span for an automated phone call is 34 seconds.

The audio sounds different on my computer compared to my telephone?

Always listen to the test on a phone before starting a campaign. Computer, tablet, and car audio speakers can be higher quality than the home, office, and mobile phones of today. 

How do I record the audio?

In most cases, we recommend simply recording audio on a land line telephone, or a mobile phone with a strong cellular connection. Keep in mind the noise level around you when recording. Recording studios are expensive and the professional quality is often lost when playing the high fidelity audio through a phone.  **If you record audio with other software, please make sure it does not exceed the 3MB limit.**

From college clients: should we put the universities fight song behind the audio?

Avoid putting background music or university fight songs behind a message. Background music and sound may make it difficult to hear the speaker and primary message of the call.

How long will it take my call campaign to complete?

Take the total number of recipients and divide it by the CPM (Calls Per Minute). Make sure you have the CPM (Calls Per Minute) set to a high enough rate so your call will complete in the designated time frame.

How do we send a follow up call?

Send a second campaign to all the recipients that did not answer the call live 5-7 days later. You can call only the recipients that went to voicemail with CallMyList.