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Our Philosophy

We regularly get asked if voice broadcasting is the right solution for a potential client’s need.  Our response is always the same, “If you need to get a message to someone, the answer is yes.”

In the age of smartphone dominance, getting the attention of people is really challenging. Facebook, text messaging, reading email, surfing the web…a phone call to a device disrupts all other activity.  We believe the influence of voice calls are actually increasing due to the proliferation of smartphones.  Evidently, our clients in higher education, politics, casinos, professional sports, rent to own and transportation all agree.  Of course, we have clients in an abundance of other industries, too.  Contact us to see if voice broadcasting is right for you.

If you’re looking for service which isn’t listed below, please contact us.

Industry Uses

Colleges & Universities

Call notifications are used by Athletics, Alumni, Admissions and the Bursar.


Recruiting drivers is a key factor in transportation success.  Reach more drivers, faster.

Rent To Own

Payment notifications and loan offers protect you and drive revenue.

Professional Sports

Drive ticket sales, special game attendance, and other fan engagement.


Our Clients