Discovering Your Most Valuable Fans

There’s no denying the most essential part of any sports organization are the fans.  Keeping fans and finding more is the basis of any successful sports program, upon which organizational vision, strategy, and budgeting are all built.  Listening to the fans seems like the most reasonable conclusion to identify what keeps fans and what brought them in the first place.

The theory seems simple, but the problem is analyzing outcomes.  There is a breakdown in this analysis reveals a complex “gap.”  This gap is not caused by an absence of listening, but by not listening well enough. There is a tendency to simply listen to the loudest fans instead of discovering the most significant fans—those who hold the greatest program value-potential.

Action-plans based on those who are the loudest opposed to those who are the best will never find the greatest success.  But how are these fans with the highest value-potential to be determined?  The answer:  Use tools designed to help you know your entire fan base better!  Perhaps a good way of thinking about this would be a “digital suggestion box.”

Automated calling is one of the very best tools to help you learn how your fans are feeling.

Why is this one of the very best tools, you ask?  Two simple reasons:

1) Access

2) Success

Access: Everyone has their phone on them at all times, making it the single most accessible means of communication with anyone.  Even if someone doesn’t answer, they’ll listen to that voicemail.  And if it’s something they care about and they feel like someone will listen to what they feel, they’ll respond every time.

Success:  Automated calling has proven time and time again to be one of the most cost-justifiable means of fan communications, like with Syracuse University seeing returns of 50:1.  The success rate of how much information is transmitted is also incredibly high, like with a major SEC program whose fans were listening to more than 70% of the entire content of the message.

Last season was terrible and you lost too many games—way more than your fans wanted.  Your ticket sales took a hit and it hurt.  Fans weren’t happy, the school wasn’t happy, and you were definitely not happy.  But guess what:  You just got a new coach!  Things are looking up and headed in a good direction, and fans are responding positively.  Maybe it’s the big win in the tournament that everyone is talking about, or the best season you’ve had in years.

But what are you doing to ride that wave of excitement?

Doesn’t it make sense to give them a call and allow them to speak about their feelings as a fan?  Would it not make sense to use specialized tools to save you time and money?  Remember, this is not just about listening to the loudest but listening to the most valuable.

Let the concept of staying connected with your fans and listening to them become more than just a last-second shot in an attempt to win the game.  Instead, let listening to your fans become part of your culture. Let discovering your most valuable fans be one of your primary strategies for not just winning the game, but winning the season!

Automated calling helps your fans know you are regularly listening to them!

With all of this said, heed this great warning:  If you have no plans on actually getting to know your fans for who they really are—if you plan on leaving the proverbial box of suggestions stuffed to the brim—then don’t even start!  Nothing is worse for your fans than to give them the hope they’re finally being listened to, only to not ever be heard.

But if you are ready to discover your most valuable fans and to begin building a foundation of successful fan retention, start listening.

And CallMyList is the tool you need to make it happen for you!