Durant and Kerr: Bringing Home the Biggest Win

On Monday, June 12, 2017, personal history was made for Kevin Durant as he won his very first NBA Championship alongside his new Warrior team from Bay Area California.  One of the most fascinating parts of this whole story is that while Durant had already won over 400 games in his 10 years playing NBA basketball, as well as receiving the league MVP in the ’13 to ‘14 season, something was still missing for him.  And even though it was just one single win, it’s now become the most significant win of his entire career.

It was hard to not see it all over sports news.  For weeks, there so was so much drama surrounding the situation, it seemed all anyone was talking about was Durant’s transition from the Midwest plains of Oklahoma all the way to the North coast of California.  But he proved something to us that all of us naturally know:  The better your team, the better your success!  Durant worked for a decade to win big, only to have lost his chance in previous seasons.  He knew this time he had to pick the right team at the right time to finally get his big win.

The Second Part to the Story

There are two equally important parts to this story, though.  The first part of the story may be that of Kevin Durant finally getting his NBA Championship because he picked the right team for his big win.  But the second part of the story is actually just as incredible.  This is the story of head coach Steve Kerr.

The Golden State Warriors were not the first dynasty team that Kerr had been part of building.  Most people will remember him not as the coach, but as the player on the Chicago Bulls from ’93 to ’98.  From dynasty player to dynasty coach, Kerr has learned the importance of having the right players on the team to get the biggest win.  Even after remarkable success with his 73-win team—even breaking the very NBA record that he helped set.  But even though the team seemed unstoppable, Kerr knew they were still missing the big player.

Your big win is determined by the team and players you choose.

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