Automated calling has shown itself to be one of the most strategic and competitive ways for organizations to communicate effectively and efficiently. CallMyList has been at the forefront of this development and continues to see profound client success. Data shows that one of the primary factors providing improvement in automated calling quality has to do with the quality of the source contact list being used for the campaign. It is because of this that ListScrubber has proven to become an incredible addition to the powerful set of tools provided by CallMyList.

ListScrubber is unique for its ability to scrub extremely large lists.  Its proprietary design allows it to accomplish two essential tasks. The first feature is to determine which numbers are actually relative to the campaign. The second feature is to verify whether the numbers are even active. These two features in combination together serve to apply intense focus from the list and concentrates the greatest impact on the campaign target. This generates a report that identifies to the organization which numbers are valid and invalid to the campaign, as well as whether these are mobile or landline numbers. The reason this final detail is important is because it leads to another powerful tool available from CallMyList, and that is the ability to mass text your list of mobile numbers.

ListScrubber has been used by professional racing organizations like NASCAR and IndyCar, as well as many different college and professional sports teams to maintain effectiveness and efficiency in their communication strategy. In the past, offices would use list scrubbing in a last-ditch effort to help their manual call campaigns when they realized that they kept calling dead phone lines. There was never enough time, and even the time they did have was being wasted on unsuccessful and unproductive methods. This is exactly why CallMyList is so passionate about helping organizations communicate more efficiently and effectively. With its ListScrubber add-on, CallMyList is the full-service company that combines the profound feature of list scrubbing with the equally powerful ability to broadcast automated calling.

If you are already one of our CallMyList users and are interested in using the ListScrubber add-on feature, please contact your sales representative to gain access today! If you have never used CallMyList before, we would love to invite you to sign up for a free account and find out just how powerful of a tool automated calling can really be for your organization.