Part 4 – Proven Success in Call Campaigns

Now that we’ve walked through how to use CallMyList to build and launch automated call campaigns, it’s time to look at their proven success. The following data is some of the most exciting information in this blog series. Let’s look at a real campaign by the University of Illinois. In the screenshot below, let’s review their campaign called Last Minute Season Ticket Push:


Looking at the columns on the right, we see this campaign had 2,625 total numbers called with 814 of these calls being live answers. This means there was a 31% rate of immediate connection. But more important is the listening duration, because it shows the effectiveness of the marketing material and method. Here is where the CallMyList analytics become so powerful. The below screen can be viewed on the CallMyList software by clicking on the campaign name and scrolling down:

pt-4-image-2The actual length of the audio recording for this campaign was 32 seconds. Here we can see that out of those 814 live answers, each listened for an average of 30.42 seconds. This means that 95% of the message was heard by the audience! Current research show that anything over the 80% threshold is considered tremendously successful. But just how successful was this campaign in comparison to something like an email campaign?

Marketing research company Smart Insights says that in 2016, sports emails generated an open-rate of only 25.95% and a click-through-rate of merely 3.45%. The open-rate means only that the email was not immediately deleted. The click-through-rate, however, is the true indicator as to how many people actually heard the message. The difference of success between email and automated call campaigns is truly profound. Emails campaigns have only a 3.45% success rate compared to automated calling campaigns with 31%! In addition to this, CallMyList sees an additional 10% of callbacks from voicemails that are left during the campaign.

In closing, it is important to note that the above data does not even include the fact that 24 of the calls in this campaign became instant live leads. To emphasize how significant this is, let’s break it down with an actual example. If you take the average cost of an SEC college football season ticket and put it against how much it would cost to use a CallMyList call campaign, we find that every transferred call produced a minimum ROI of 400%! And that calculation is with just one season ticket; most season ticket purchasers will not be getting just one ticket, but four tickets! This is powerful proof that automated calling is one of the most successful marketing tools available today. CallMyList is excited to be on the cutting edge of this incredible marketing reality!

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