The Best Teammates Bring the Win!

When building out sports teams, the best teammates are always picked first.  This is seen as early as playground pickup games, we can see it in college recruiting, and all the way up to the professional sports drafts.  Teams want the best teammate to help them WIN.  But what makes a teammate the best is an interesting combination.  Is it the talent level?  Is it the level of proven experience?  Or maybe it is other teams the player has helped secure other big wins?  The answer: all three components are absolutely essential and let’s label them as talent, experience, and credibility.

How is CallMyList the best teammate?


The most important quality to the best teammate is that they have the talent and can do what is required to win.  With features like automatic live answer or answering machine, campaign throttling, over-the-phone recording software, and powerful campaign analytics, CallMyList has all of the features that you would need to be successful with automated calling.  You don’t have to worry about whether or not CallMyList is going to succeed when you pass them the ball, because we’ve got the skills to succeed no matter what play you call.


The best teammate is not just about talent though, because it’s also important to not be a rookie.  Sure, rookies are exciting to watch play because they are usually full of talent.  But talent is only a start—it then takes experience on how to win!  Some of the greatest players ever to enter the professional sports industry have been rookies, only to have quickly faded because of their lack of experience and wisdom.  CallMyList has significant experience of winning, seeing returns of 50:1 for Syracuse University and 300% ROI for the SEC/ACC Stadium Program.


At the end of the day, talent and experience are essential.  But if there is not credibility that the best teammate has won alongside the best teams, it’s hard to trust them.  When you see the best teammate has played alongside winners, it is one of the strongest indicators that you are going to win with them, too.  CallMyList continues to prove itself to the best teammate for teams like Notre Dame, Alabama, Butler, Oklahoma, Georgia, and the list keeps growing!

When used as a part of your strategic Marketing and Sales campaigns, CallMyList is that critical teammate you need to get the big win you’ve been waiting for all year long!