Trick Play: ROI + Timing

ROI. It sometimes seem like a buzzword.  Anytime you see anything overused, it tends to start losing its punch.  Over the past several years, our LinkedIn timeline has been littered with new articles on the importance of ROI and how it must work for your business to grow.  At its core, the principle of ROI is a solid best practice.  And just so we’re on the same page, let’s look at what ROI is and what it is not.

IMG, a global company managing sports figures, used CallMyList to execute a sales campaign directed at improving the sport fan’s experience. This campaign sold special chair back seats to use on the stadium bleachers for weekly football games.  Because of partnering with CallMyList, IMG saw an ROI of more than 300%!

ROI is not simply cost justification.  ROI, or return on investment, is typically conveyed as a percentage and is generally used to compare a company’s profitability or the efficiency of various investments. The formula for return on investment is: ROI = (Net Profit / Cost of Investment) x 100.  For example: ($25,000 / $8,000) x 100 = ROI 312.5%.  This shows the only truth of how well those investment dollars performed.

But what if ROI is not all that matters?

In his TED talk, Bill Gross presented 200 startups to evaluate why some succeeded while others failed. Gross discovered is that while ROI certainly mattered in the long run, it was not the most important factor.  The element that proved essential for success was one thing:  timing!  Efficiency was important.  Innovation was important.  But taking advantage of timing was essential.
But what good is timing when you don’t have the time to take advantage of it?  This is where CallMyList automated calling has completely changed the game!  Combining incredible, proven ROI with the ability to act quickly on opportunity, CallMyList gives you the results you want!

Take Western Kentucky University for example:  They accepted a last-minute bid into the WNIT tournament, but for them to take advantage of timing, they had to get the word out fast!  Partnering with CallMyList, they succeeded at getting their fans to the game and saw an ROI of 650%!

The facts can’t lie:  ROI + timing is the trick play that will win you the game!